About Us

The competitive dance team is the dance team that represents Illinois State University at the National Dance Alliance college championships each year in Daytona, Florida. This team is the official sport club dance team at Illinois State University. The team consists of talented dancers who have a common passion for dance. The team focuses on jazz and contemporary styles of dance.


The team also has several other performances throughout the  season at different events on and off campus. The team holds some fundraising events and group activities along with regular practices.

ISU CDT Achievements


*NDA Camp 2008- 1st Place Team Routine, Spirit Stick, and Bid to Nationals


*NDA Nationals 2008- 4th place in Challenge Cup


*NDA Nationals 2009- 1st place in Challenge Cup **qualify for finals!**

  6th place in Finals!!!!


*NDA Camp 2009- 1st Place Team Routine, Spirit Stick, and Bid to Nationals


*ISU Homecoming Parade 2009- 2nd Place


*Absolute Deviation Dance Competition 2009- 1st place


*NDA Nationals 2010- 3rd place in finals!!! 


*NDA Camp 2010- 1st Place Team Routine, Spirit Stick, and Bid to Nationals


*Xtreme Spirit and Cheer Competition at Six Flags- 1st place, Division Champions, and Overall Dance Champions


*ISU Homecoming Parade 2010- 2nd place


*Absolute Deviation Dance Competition 2010- 3rd place


*TeamDance Illinois Midwest Championship- 1st place Open Dance


*NDA Summer Camp 2010- 1st place team dance!


*NDA Nationals 2011- 6th place in finals!


*NDA Summer Camp 2011- 1st place team dance


*NDA Nationals 2012- 5th place in finals!


*NDA Nationals 2014- 4th place in finals!


*NDA Summer Camp 2016- 3rd place team dance