FAQ for the ISU Competitive Dance Team


1. What is the difference between ISU CDT and other dance teams at ISU?

ISU CDT strictly performs at NDA Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL. and other local and university events. We ARE NOT the game team.We DO NOT perform at football games, and only perform at select basketball games.


2. Is there a fee for being part of the team?

Yes, because we are a student ran organization, we are responsible for our own payments. There are monthly fees that go into a team account. This money is used for camp, camp clothes, shoes, costumes, Nationals fees, and airfare. We also do team fundraising.


3. When are practices?

First semester, practices are two times a week for 3.5 hours. (Monday and Thursday from 6:30-10:00PM) We strongly encourage dancers not to take night classes, this way we have different evenings to choose from for practices. Once the Nationals routine is taught (usually November), practices will take the entire time. There may also be additional practices added closer to Nationals.


4. When are try-outs?

Try-outs for the 2017-2018 season will be held April 22nd from 1-5PM..**If you are unable to attend try-outs, you may send in a video. E-mail us at isucompetitivedanceteam@hotmail.com with your conflict!**

-Find the try-out event on Facebook!-


5. What happens at try-outs?

At try-outs, you learn a short jazz routine that you perform with a partner or small groups. You are also responsible to demonstrate leaps, center leaps, calypsos, spinning disks, triples, quads, and turns in second (there is also an optional skill that you may show).


6. What do I wear to try-outs?

All black fitted athletic/dance clothing. Please refrain from baggy pants, hoodies, and gym shoes. We want to see you hit technique!


7. Is there a try-out fee?

Yes, there is a $15 try-out fee. This fee covers necessary amenities for an audition. If using check, please make payable to ISU Competitive Dance Team.